Your Job is to Reduce Machining Costs...
...Our Job is to Get You Tools That Make it Possible. 


Product Knowledge Elevates our Service


Customers will not have a Colmar sales representative demand a part number to identify a product. We understand how machine shops operate and we speak the same language. We employ tooling professionals that understand that different materials require different tools to machine them. We will ask for the critical features required to make the right tool recommendation for the application, so our customers can spend their time machining and not figuring out why their tool broke. We offer several product lines from several vendors to give our customers the best options from prototypes to large production runs. Our customer needs to know how to make parts, we need to know which tool will work best for the job.



Cost Savings Documentation


In today’s tough business environment, we are all asked to find ways to reduce costs. This doesn’t mean just lowering prices, it means finding efficiencies to help our manufacturing partners reduce the cost of producing parts. 75% of manufacturing costs are in machine time and labor. We want to help our customers find ways to reduce cycle times, lower set-up costs, speed-up production, and eliminate secondary operations. Our experience allows us to see opportunities that improve throughput and reduce costly procedures that can save significant time and money. Whether it’s as simple as recommending a new coating, or as complex as designing a custom tool to perform two functions simultaneously, we want to partner with our customers to find better ways to machine parts more efficiently.


Vending and Vendor Managed Inventory


Colmar partnered with several clients to automatically reorder tools that are consumed on a regular basis. We have organized their toolrooms or cabinets, to save time finding the tools they possess. In certain cases we have provided Vending Machines and Cabinets that automatically alert us to replenish the stockouts. In other cases we have sorted tools and labelled bins so customers can easily find and reorder their own tools. In all cases, we help our customer-partners streamline their processes so less time is spent finding tools and more time is spent using them. Ask how a Colmar Inventory Management Specialist can positively affect your bottom-line.












Repair and Resharpening Services           


Many tools get damaged and worn out in the shop environment. Measuring tools get mishandled and need repair or recalibration. Cutting tools get worn out and can be resharpened and recoated. Indexable milling and drilling tools crash and can be remanufactured to original specs at a fraction of replacing them. Air tools and electric tools can be rebuilt to perform like new.  Let Colmar handle these nagging problems for you, so you can handle the bigger issues. We quote all repairs, calibrations, resharpening and rebuilds before we proceed. We are handling these services on a daily basis, so we know how to get it done fast. Why send your resharpening and repairs all around the country, when Colmar can do it all for you?


Custom Cutting Tools    


Not every tool you need is available from stock. Colmar is partnered with several tool manufacturers that produce custom tools for your specific needs. Whether you want a tool that performs multiple functions like a step drill, or just need an unusual sized reamer, we have a stable of vendors to produce unique tools quickly and economically.