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CNC machining tools
we look at the whole picture

To maximize your machine’s performance, you need to combine:

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Colmar Brings the experts to you

Colmar experts and our vendor partners help you achieve the best results possible. Most of our vendors provide field technical support for:

Special custom tools

Tools that perform multiple functions are a great way to reduce cycle time and enhance machining performance.

We offer:

we provide feed & speed operating parameters

Let us arrange a visit to help you reduce your cycle time.

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vending & inventory management

Let Colmar manage your inventory so you can focus on making parts

Let’s discuss your inventory management

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Repair & Resharpening

repair services

Don’t scrap used tools and gages…fix them!

Colmar will handle the whole process and quote pricing before we proceed.

resharpening & rebuilding services

Save money by resharpening. It usually costs about half the price of buying a new tool.

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coolant management

The “Stank in Your Tank” of fungus and bacteria in coolant is unbearable, but it is preventable.

We offer several ways to get rid of the rancid smell including coolant recycling.

Rancid odor, skin irritation or burning eyes are signs that you may need help maintaining your coolant.

We offer many solutions for your coolant maintenance, including:

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warehouse & material handling

Colmar has an entire catalog of storage cabinets, worktables, carts, pallet jacks, shelving, racking, conveyor, cages, mezzanines and portable offices.

Ask for a copy of Material Handling Source.

Colmar provides:

Call Colmar to discuss your material handling and storage projects.

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cost savings

colmar provides
value & cost savings

cost savings examples

$24k in cost

This grooving insert cut the number of plunges from 12 down to 2. The cycle time dropped 28% and the customer gained $24k in cost reductions from a $4k investment

reduced cycle time from 36 seconds to 24 seconds

For the flywheel on the Peloton, a multifunction carbide insert reduced the cycle time from 36 seconds to 24 seconds and eliminated an operation.

this putter face was used to win the 2022 us open!

The grooves on this putter face took 41 minutes to machine with miniature end mills. Colmar engineered a face grooving head with custom inserts that now completes the grooves in 28 seconds.

$275 annual
labor Savings

Our custom Aluma Thread Mill eliminated a burr that required hand deburring. Seven employees were redeployed and the customer reported to management a $275k annual labor savings.

cost of the chips vs. cost of the tool

Colmar finds the real cost savings through process improvements.

A 5% Reduction in Mfg. Costs Produces

6X Greater Savings

Than 10% Reduction on Tooling Prices

documented cost savings guaranteed!

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Customer Service

We are serious
about service

Exactly What You Need, 

When You Need It, at

Competitive Prices

Fast response to your quote requests

Always speak to knowledgeable industry experts

Substitute options for backordered tools

Local inventory &

expedited hot orders



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